Sell / Consign Your Car

Why consign your car with CARS 88 CONSIGNMENT (C88C) ?

1. Why not? It’s FREE.
You have nothing to lose and all to gain. C88C earns from commissions from banks and insurance companies. They pay for our services.

2. Expose your car to the right people.
C88C engages a specialised team of experienced online markerters with an arsenal of tools : Facebook marketing, Instagram exposure, Google adwords, SEO, SEM, Media Buy and many more. It is their mission to find the right audience for your car.

3. Keep your SGCARMART Ad relevant.
Sgcarmart is the largest online classifieds in Singapore, but advertising on this platform only allows you to refresh your ad once after 3 weeks. In a matter of days, your listing becomes irrelevant. C88C uses a premium

dealer account that allows to refresh your ad every 3 days at a cost, keep your ad relevant everyday. We bear the cost.

4. Price it right, take back more.
Our market research analysts will look through all competitors of your vehicle every day. They will advise all clients on the most ideal pricing. A wrongly priced vehicle will always give you less returns.

5. Timely updates to aid your sale.
We understand that if is frustrating when you engage someone to market your asset and you receive little or no feedback. We at C88C have a non-invasive, compulsory weekly update system for all our clients.

6. Get your car sold fast.
C88C employs a highly skilled sales team that is rigorously trained to negotiate and sell your asset at the maximum value, in the minimum time period.

7. 100% Hassle-Free.
Experienced administrative officers will process the buyer's loan application and other necessary documentation fast and error-free to complete the sale process. This makes your sale fast and easy.

8. Truth Builds Trust
Sales documents will be shown to both buyers and sellers. No hidden costs and no gimmicks.

9. Cash out your car immediately.
C88C will make an offer to buy over your car once a buyer has confirmed a purchase. Get your sale proceeds immediately from us.

Sell / Consign Your Car

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